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The Benefits
of Personal Training

Training to me is working towards a goal with a purpose and a high commitment level, whether it is a short- or long-term goal. When a person is not too experienced in a gym, they may lose focus, concentration, and intensity during their session when going at it alone. Most people going to a commercial gym just go through the motions and think just being there is good enough. Getting bored with workouts and becoming unmotivated is a common problem most people face. When a person loses internal motivation, they need motivation from a source outside themselves to attain their goals. This is why one on one personal training has its advantages. In a personal training session where the setting is private, the training sessions are structured and geared towards that individual and their needs. The client will be more confident and feel more comfortable during their workout which will enhance performance and get them closer to their personal goals.












"I have Isaiah to thank for making fitness an important part of my everyday life.  As someone who has never been to a gym before it can be overwhelming and intimidating... He removed the intimidation factor that is all too common in a gym and provided me with the support necessary to reach some of my goals."



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Isaiah Brizuela

Owner / Personal Trainer

My fitness journey began about ten years ago. Upon graduating Somerville High School, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. I always enjoyed working out throughout my time in high school, but I never had a real goal or focus. Getting prepared for boot camp and going through the day to day of training gave me a purpose. I garnered the ability to push my body beyond what I thought was capable and stay mentally focused. I enjoyed a 5-year career in the Marine Corp, and as that phase of my life was ending, I wanted to pursue a career that would keep me in shape, as well as training others to do so. Becoming a personal trainer was naturally the best fit for me. I am able to share my passion and teach clients the importance of having a healthy balanced lifestyle through strength and conditioning training. 

Stay Healthy
build strength
invest in yourself


Packages are planned around meeting every individual's goals and lifestyle.  We have options to encourage a recurring, weekly, structured habit with one, two, or three times a week sessions.  If that does not fit your lifestyle we also offer bulk options with variable scheduling to work with your hours.  Shortened sessions for teens and seniors are available as well.  For all pricing questions please contact us so we can get you a quote for the package that will work for you.

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